Organized by
Universidad de Buenos Aires and
Universidad Nacional de C?rdoba

Satellite Events

The purpose of the workshops is to provide participants with a friendly, interactive atmosphere for presenting novel ideas and discussing their application. The workshops take place on Monday, August 26th and Saturday, August 31st, 2013.

Pre-conference events - August 26th

EXPRESS/SOS: Expressiveness in Concurrency and Structural Operational Semantics
Chairs: Bas Luttik, Johannes Borgstr?m

The EXPRESS workshop series aims at bringing together researchers interested in the expressiveness of various formal systems and semantic notions, particularly in the field of concurrency. The SOS workshop series aims at being a forum for researchers, students and practitioners interested in new developments, and directions for future investigation, in the field of structural operational semantics. This year the EXPRESS and SOS communities organize a joint EXPRESS/SOS 2013 workshop on the formal semantics of systems and programming concepts, and on the expressiveness of mathematical models of computation.

DCM: Developments in Computational Models
Chairs: Mauricio Ayala-Rincon, Eduardo Bonelli, Ian Mackie

DCM 2013 is the ninth in a series of international workshops focusing on new computational models. It aims to bring together researchers who are currently developing new computational models or new features of a traditional one.

LAFM 2013: Latin American Workshop on Formal Methods
Chairs: Leila Ribeiro, Nazareno Aguirre

The objective of the Latin American Workshop on Formal Methods is bringing together researchers working in formal methods, and related areas such as automated analysis. In particular, we seek to provide a venue for Latin American researchers working in these areas, to promote their interaction and collaboration.

QEST Tutorials

This year there will be two tutorials associated to They will be lectured by Diego Garbervetsky (Universidad de Buenos Aires, AR) and Marco Vieira (University of Coimbra, PT). Diego will talk about quantitative analysis of heap memory requirements Java/.Net like programs while Marco's tutorial is about Benchmarking the dependability of computer systems.

Post-conference events - August 31st

TRENDS: Trends in Concurrency Theory
Chairs: Bas Luttik, Jos Baeten

This is an event organised by IFIP WG 1.8 on Concurrency Theory. It aims at bringing together researchers interested in concurrency theory and its applications to discuss recent trends, exchange ideas and discuss open problems.

YR-CONCUR: Young Researchers Workshop on Concurrency Theory
Chairs: Nicolas D'Ippolito

This workshop aims at providing a platform for PhD students and young researchers who recently completed their doctoral studies, to exchange new results related to concurrency theory and receive feedback on their research. Focus is on informal discussions. Excellent master students working on concurrency theory are also encouraged to contribute.

MEALS Momentum Gathering
Chair: Marcelo Frias

This workshop is associated to the MEALS project fostering the cooperation between European and Argentinean researchers in fields close to formal foundations of software development.

Workshop Chairs

Eduardo Bonelli (ebonelli (at)
Diego Garbervetsky (diegog (at)